Eric and Jenny Bear Lake Colorado

@ Rocky Mountain National Park
Photo: Jennifer Mogan

Hi, I’m Eric!

I’m a chemist currently living in Marquette, Michigan working at chemical compounding lab. I used to build software and decided to take a break from the professional dev life to focus on a field that allows me more time with my family, friends & self. I love science and technology — and this is my internet tendency.

You can follow me on Twitter, GitHub or Glitch or read my blog for extemporaneous output. Though, I don’t utilize social media all that much these days; you would have a better chance finding me in the woods of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula … or just email me — I’d prefer that.

The deets

I’m a polymath: proficiencies range from bench science to software development:

From 2008 - 2015, I oscillated my time between National Jewish Health and The University of Colorado — Anschutz Medical Campus researching the Life Sciences in Pediatric Rheumatology, Immunology & Cell Biology with Philippa Marrack, PhD, FRS and Leonard Dragone, MD, PhD, et al.

From 2014 - current, I work(ed) in Software Development for The Texas Medical Association, Xeratec Corporation and Baby E’s BBQ — and continue to create and contribute to OSS for kicks — plus, I like the community there — it keeps me up-to-date and most of the people are kind and encouraging.

Here’s more if you’re truly interested.

Outside of work, I spend my time with my family and friends playing outdoors and traveling. I enjoy reading and keep a log of the recent books I’ve enjoyed — I don’t bother posting the ones that I didn’t care for.

I use &mdash;’s a lot — I know that. A lot of the time — unnecessarily. <– see?

What’s with the site?

I enjoy design and programming — and this space is my creative outlet. I design/engineer with code using various web technologies. In my personal time, I love working with (S)CSS. Other Languages/platforms I enjoy — in a netshell — include HTML, JavaScript, Go, Ruby on Rails, ReactJS, ASP.Net, etc. Pretty much anything that will get me to where I need to be. I am always learning and discovering.




This site is built with custom (S)CSS, Jekyll, Netlify, Cloud9 IDE, AWS & GitHub; it collects no data or analytics; and uses system fonts.