Bob is the family cat. Or was. We had to put-him-down this last month due to organ failure. He was going on 17-years as a Himalayan. I met him when he was about 5 years. He was around for quite some time; you can do the math. We miss him. He now sits on our bookshelf in a little urn with this picture.

Head shot of Bob the cat

ReactJS & Music

Playing with ReactJS has been on my list of things to get to as-of-late. I have developed with it in the past but felt the need to dive back into it to keep my feet wet.

Earlier this summer I was given a post from a friend that I grew up with playing music. I was asked to make a daily post on Facebook showing the top-10 rock bands that influenced my taste in music. Though my tastes have generated a greater spectrum over my professional/daily life, there are 10 albums that bring me the most joy when I think about them. I’m not much for Facebook but I took the suggestion as a chance to make a project. I decided to make a single page app using the popular create-react-app. Plus, it gave me a good reason to use one of my favorite fonts: Input Mono by David Jonathan Ross (aka DJR).

The site can be seen here. I’m still working on it as of this post. Aside from the posts, I created the site using create-react-app, plopped it in GitHub and deployed it with Vercel. Each of the albums are linked to Spotify.

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